PHARMAGATE SOLUTIONS (PGS) is passion and zeal to deliver unique & optimal engineering solutions for the Pharmaceutical, Food & Beverages, and Chemical industries. The founders of PGS and team have 30 years of rich experience in the Pharmaceutical, Food & Beverages, and Chemical industries. PGS’s main offering is its consulting services and optimal product solutions. Most importantly the focus of PGS is devoted to reducing manufacturing labor, Maintenance costs, and Enhance Process efficiency for clients. We at PGS believe in providing solutions that assist in improving the bottom line for our clients. Our solutions are designed keeping in mind the financial implications and how they would benefit our clients overall. Our core strength lies in our expertise in pharmaceutical, Food & Beverages, Chemical, and its optimal engineering solutions. We have a specialized Development & Innovation team for all solutions. With a strong network of recognized global suppliers, critical aspects like cost-effectiveness, accuracy, and consistency are our driving factors to provide customized solutions.

Company Objective

Providing up-to-date & High-tech solutions to clients worldwide.

Thriving to deliver value to our customers & clients based on our Knowledge.

Delivering customized solutions and products based on client needs.